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3 Signs You Need A New Website

At Glue we have been building websites for clients for many years now. In this day and age we live, it is quite uncommon for an existing business to not already have some form of web presence in place. So what is prompting these business to make contact with us for a new website? There are three common reasons:

1. Information is incorrect

The world moves at such a fast pace that static information can very quickly become out of date. If your website is hard to update or isn’t built on a content management system then this task can quickly fall into the too hard basket.

You need a system that is easy for you to make changes without needing to be an expert in web development. The platform we have built for the Glue system is exactly that. There’s no need for information to be out of date and irrelevant to your potential new members.

2. Functionality is broken or doesn’t exist

A major change that has occurred in the past few years is the normality of browsing from a smart phone or tablet. If a website has not had an overhaul recently it is likely that the functionality doesn’t work correctly on these devices. Not only is it an issue for customers browsing the website, but now Google will penalise you in search results for not being compliant.

3. Engagement has declined

If web based enquires or phones calls have declined or disappeared then perhaps your website has stopped being effective in engaging new customers. Out dated design, stale information and broken functionality can often be the cause behind this.

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