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3 Ways Your Website Can Help First Time Customers

Statistics these days tell us that the majority of decisions about a consumer’s choice in a product or service all begin with a search on Google. Many people begin the search for a new produce or service with a visit to Google. Therefore one of the primary purposes of an effective website is to help first time customers to discover more about you, find the information they need, and feel comfortable (and even excited) to visit your retail store.

There are three ways a website helps first time visitors:

1. Your Website Creates A First Impression

Your website often becomes the first impression the general public and your local community make about your business. Ensuring your website conveys exactly who you are and the services your provide is very important in creating an accurate impression.

In reality, the website is one of the forgotten resources a “bricks and mortar” business has. Often we create a website (because we know and understand the importance of having one) but neglect to maintain it and, keep it updated. One of the worst things we can do with a website or any online presence; is to leave it stale, out of date, and providing old information on who we are.

The framework we build at Glue is all about ensuring your website is easy to maintain and you have full control over making changes and keeping things up to date. This is very important in creating that first impression for your customers.

2. Your Websites Answers Questions

Whenever we are going somewhere new; travel, a new organisation, or any other destination that life brings us, we often jump on their website to find answers to questions we may have.

Some of the common questions we would ask are:

  • “what is the address?”
  • “how do I get there?”
  • “where do I park my car?”
  • “what facilities are available?”

When we build a website we need to have new customers in mind. We can answer all these questions very clearly and accurately through the content we deliver online.

That’s one of the powerful features behind Glue. The ability for you, with minimal training and experience, to be able to update these kinds of question and content on your website.

3. Your Website Provides Reassurance

One of the main reasons why we begin our retail purchases with a Google search is because we want to ensure the product or the business we are buying from is legitimate. We do all the due diligence in researching the company, to form an impression of them that then allows us to purchase with confidence.

When a website creates a great first impression and answers all the questions we have, it moves us towards creating a reassuring platform that makes visitors feel confident in their ability to turn up and visit your business.


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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash