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Blog? Why you need one!

Glue websites are built on the WordPress framework which was initially designed and built to be a blogging platform. This makes the process of adding and populating a blog on your website very simple.

Blogging achieves two main purposes:


1. It is a communication channel for keeping website visitors up to date and able to access information that they  require.

2. It provides a process for adding fresh and dynamic content to your website. This helps Google to find out what your website is about and hopefully push more visitors to find you.

But what is a blog?


A blog can be any form of information that is accessible on your website – blogging simply refers to the “mechanism”. Determine the content you wish to publish, and then naming it accordingly will turn this mechanism into a beneficial feature and inclusion for your website visitors.

There are 3 main suggestions that we can offer on what to use blogging for on your Glue Website.


1. Latest News

Have you started a new service, added a new product range or is there an upcoming sale? This is the exact type of information that can be used to publish a “Latest News” section on your website.

Not only does this create a sense of community by keeping your customers up to date with the latest news, it also add relevant keywords specific to your industry to your website. (This again helps Google to love you even more).

This could look like a weekly post, a monthly update or even just a “post whenever the need arises”.


2. Articles

Articles are a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field by publishing them onto your website. Again they have a dual purpose – providing information for your community as well as giving more opportunity for Google to see you as an authority on the topic.


3. Testimonials and Interviews

The difference between a stale and dynamic website is usually just how often the content is updated or fresh information posted. Testimonials and interviews from your customer base help to build the sense of community but are also an easy way to publish new content.

The Glue system is built to ensure that all aspects of your website, including your blog are really simple to use. We provide training tutorials on how to do this, and we are also always close by to add support.


Want to know more? Get in touch with Glue Digital Newcastle today or check out our fixed rate packages that are available.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash