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CX Events

CX Media is the number one publication for the Audio, Lighting and Concert industry in Australia. Each year Julius and the team run a tour of road shows across the country to highlight the best and the brightest.

Although we offered to run seminars and demonstrate our outdated knowledge of mixing desks, what Julius really needed was our expertise in creating a streamlined, automated digital solution to an administrative nightmare.

The CX Event ticketing is a somewhat unique setup in which no existing functionality was available. Registration to events needed to be free, however industry seminars needed to be presented to registered users in a shopping cart type environment.

So after giving up our dreams of being roadies on a national tour, we started building a custom registration system and website to facilitate this for Julius and the team. Following a detail list of requests to ensure ease of registration and administrative bliss, we created a custom plug-in and integrated it into a nice new website for CX Events.

Here’s what Julius had to say:

We found Glue by accident, admiring a clients website and hitting the Glue link. Straight up, Adam communicated in my language, understanding my web vision.
He gave me a tailored quote for a site wholly coded, which is today www.cxevents.com.au
To his enormous credit, the job ran into some PayPal complexities which he resolved at obvious expense to himself, not us. Doubtless he will be able to utilise the knowledge acquired building our events booking site elsewhere – it is obvious to us that he has invested in our job, rather than coming back to us with ‘variations’ and excuses, which has been our web experience for the past 15 years.
I’ve really dug the Glue experience, and we are now a committed customer!


Check it out at cxevents.com.au and register to attend.