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Do You Need a FaceBook Page?

In March 2013 Facebook announced that they now have over 1.11 Billion registered and active users. This number alone shows how the influence Facebook has in comparison to other social media networks and why it is important that you take advantage of it.

Aside from the volume of users, there are many other reasons for using Facebook for your business. Small businesses, large corporations, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and basically any organisation that offers products and services can greatly benefit from having a presence on Facebook.

Free and Cultivates Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Social media has changed the game when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. It is no longer about a single customer spreading a positive or negative testimony about your services to family and friends. Today one user has the influence to share their experience to potentially thousands of other users.

This is can either be a ‘blessing or a curse’ but either way it does present great opportunities. Your brand has the ability to spread a message quickly and reach a greater audience.

So if your business thrives on your customers referring others, then this is definitely a huge opportunity for you. But of course this requires some action from you as a Facebook page needs to be active and provide a benefit to your audience.

Not Every Business Needs a Web Site

It is important to build an online presence but you don’t necessarily need a web site to do so. For some businesses, a Facebook page is the only requirement due to it’s easy maintenance and inexpensive start up cost.

If your main goal is communicate with your customers and build personal relationships, then a Facebook page would meet this requirement.

Easy Communication

An active Facebook page is a very easy and effective way to communicate with your current and future customers – after all it is where most of your customers socialise and feel most comfortable communicating. Also if you are active on your Facebook page then people will know that you are just one comment or message away.