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Every website is built with a purpose. Whether it is to generate warm leads, provide information or sell online, find out how Glue Digital can make it work for you.

When was the last time you used a phone book to find a product or service?

With over 80% of our population being regular internet users, the search for a product or service often begins online. If your website isn’t converting a visitor into a customer then it is not doing the job.

At Glue Digital we don’t consider ourselves to be in the business of building websites; but rather producing online assets that make doing business easier.

An effective web site can increase your sales, build your business and grow areas of opportunity for you.

We recently worked on a project for a client where his biggest issue was his phone ringing too often! For him it was an interruption to his work that very rarely resulted in a sale of his service. As we approach web design with a different methodology than most, we built his website around pre-qualifying enquiries. Therefore enquiries now come through to him by people who are actually interested and ready to utilise his services.

The channel still collects relevant information from all enquiries; this is beneficial to his business for further marketing initiatives. Chat with us to find out how we achieved this and what we can do for you.


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