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Getting on Google’s Front Page

If your business has a website, you want to get it on Google’s front page. Getting on the front page of Google guarantees increased visibility, traffic and website visitors. The more traffic and visitors you are able to get to your site, the better your chances of increasing your profits. How well you are able to do this will be based on how high you can get your site on search results for different keywords or phrases.

When trying to get on the front page of Google, the first thing to note is that total websites are not listed in the Search Engine Results Pages. Instead, individual pages of the websites are listed. Therefore where your site ranks in Google is completely based on your keyword or keyword phrases on specific pages. This is the main reason a site might rank number one for “how to make a dog collar” and number 150 for “dog collar”.

Keywords are important, but in order of keywords to work effectively, they must be used correctly.  Avoid forcing keywords in your articles. Don’t just fill your content with more keywords or pack in every possible variation of targeted keywords. The most appropriate density of keyword is around 2% to 5% of an article.

This means that if you are trying to get on the front page of Google, your 400-word article should be made up of approximately 2% to 5% keywords or 8 to 20 keywords. Your articles should be 100% grammatically correct, original and unique. Avoid using scraped and copied content. These will only hurt your search engine rankings.

Also, try to determine what keywords to use by researching and using the words visitors use when they search for your product or services. Then present quality content properly populated with those keywords.

Many search engine optimisation (SEO) practitioners spend a lot of time trying to send signals to the engines that their sites deserve to be listed for certain keyword phrases without spending enough time ensuring that the site meets the criteria of actually being one of the best resources for the visitors they are targeting. This is a short-sighted and ineffective strategy.

Again, getting to the front page of Google is only half the battle. Staying there in the face of your competition takes a persistent effort focused on constantly providing your website visitors with up-to-date and relevant information that satisfies their query and does so in a way that is superior to your competition.

Finally, you should consistently build backlinks to your site to help get and stay on Google’s front page. Backlinks are like votes, the more the better. One of the best ways to get backlinks is to leverage authority sites such as YouTube, Squidoo, Ezine Articles, Articles base, and Hub Pages. Post your content on authority sites and link back to the same article on your site. While an investment of time and effort, creating content on authority sites is one of the most authentic and effective way to build quality backlinks to your site.

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