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Launching FlexFit Meals

FlexFit is an exciting new company that has recently launched in Newcastle serving the purpose of creating fresh, healthy and affordable meal options for people. The company features a great system that allows individuals who lead a busy day to day lifestyle to choose a range of healthy meal options that suit their individual needs and preferences. These meals are then provided fresh directly to their clients’ homes or offices.

FlexFit engaged Glue Digital to build their online ordering system, which was an exciting project for us to work on. From the outside looking in the site looks like a generic eCommerce-based store, and in most aspects – it truly is. Customers can browse the site, view the categories and different meal options available to them. They can build a shopping cart of their preferred choices and then checkout and pay online just like any other store.

The exciting challenge for us in building the FlexFit online store was the different rules that had to be built into the transactions and the customers’ choices. Different meal packs had different quantities and multiplications of those quantities had to be selected before the user could checkout. For example the Breakfast Choice meal packs required a total of no more, and no less, than seven breakfast options that had to be chosen before the checkout could be completed.

Not only did we need to build these rules into the configuration of the shopping cart we also had to ensure that the user experience for the customer was easy to follow.

As the project went on we constantly referred with fresh eyes to the online ordering process, tweaking elements of the design and functionality to make it simple and well-organised. Our goal was to minimise the objections that customers may have during the online ordering process by ensuring that it was simple for them to order and have their meals delivered.

FlexFit Meals have just launched to the public and we already have had great feedback regarding the ease of the ordering system, from both our client and their customers