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Why We Use WordPress

There are many content management systems available to use when building and constructing websites. They range from free open source systems right through to premium enterprise packages. At Glue Digital we choose to use WordPress as our content management system of choice and there are four key reasons why we decided to make this a part of all our websites, and to focus only to this content management system.

1. It is Widely Used

The developers of WordPress proudly state that over 80 million websites are powered by their system. This statistic alone gives us the confidence in the quality and reliability of the system. The websites that use WordPress as their framework range from small blogs to e-commerce systems and even right through to some large industry businesses or large corporations.

2. It is Well Supported

With so many websites powered by WordPress, developers all over the world are constantly creating new plugins and systems to enhance what can be achieved with WordPress. For our clients as well, there will always be somebody available who will be familiar with WordPress and can assist in the future. The system is so well supported that any challenges or issues can easily be overcome with the help of this wide community.

3. It is Constantly Improving

The developers of WordPress are constantly and consistently producing upgrades and even new versions of WordPress to continually push the boundaries of what can be achieved. It once started as a simple blogging system but now is a powerful content management system that can be used as a framework from small to large websites.

4. It is Highly Customisable

Being an open source environment means that we can take any design and any requirement and configure that within WordPress. We know the system inside and out and are extremely comfortable with all elements of the framework. We are yet to be challenged with a requirement or problem that we have not been able to produce a solution by using WordPress.