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Windsor Blinds

If you grew up locally then surely you remember the Windsor Blinds TV commercial jingle – Windsor works wonders with windows. When Windsor Blinds contacted Glue Digital not only did it bring back these memories but we also saw it as a great opportunity to work with another local company.

Windsor had an existing website that was not only old but lacked the ability for their customers to browse and see their full product range. The issue was common, the website was created on a platform that was not easy to update and required a web developer to make the changes. The important part of the project that we worked on with Windsor Blinds was to build them a system where their own staff could constantly keep it up to date with new products – without having to engage a web developer every time.

The outcome was a WordPress based website with a custom product system integrated. Windsor can now keep their products easily up to date by simply logging in to the WordPress dashboard and editing an existing product or creating a brand new one. All the fields they required for the particular specifications of their products were custom built. There is no unnecessary clutter but only important fields for information that is required to best showcase their products.

The system is intuitive enough that if a particular product does not require some of the fields that are listed when adding a product, that it does not show on the front end to the customer. Once again ensuring a clutter free, straight to the point presentation of information.

Windsor also had some specific requests that they wanted integrated to make the user experience even more streamlined. Some of these simple requests were to have individual product menus that followed the user down the page so they did not need to scroll back to the top to navigate to a different section. Also when a customer navigates to a particular product group such as interior blinds, that group of product categories moves to the top of the sidebar to again save the customer having to scroll through the entire page to find similar products.

We worked with Windsor to fine-tune their website to exactly how they wanted it to be, and ensure that the user experience was as best as we could make it.