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Evoke Supplements – Online Store

evokesupplementsWhen Jay from Evoke Supplements contacted us and told us his concept for a new website we were very excited to work with him and the team on developing this.

When developing and designing an online store, ensuring that visitors and therefore potential customers to the site can understand and easily find the products they are after is something that is critical to success. So often retailers can forget that they know their products inside and out but their customers may not know what they are looking for. The team at Evoke Supplements knew this from the beginning and presented us a great concept for helping their new website to stand out in the crowd from their competitors.

When you visit Evoke’s website you are not shown a large amount of products and expect to understand and know the right product for you. Instead you navigate through a series of questions that in the end present you with the products you are looking for.

Glue Digital worked with the team to create a design and functionality to see this requirement achieved in their online store. The site was built on WordPress and used the WooCommerce online store framework to get the end result. We integrated social networking and blogging so Jay and his team can keep in touch with their customer base.

Here’s what Jay had to say about working with us:

From the very beginning when we where searching for a web developer, I was set in my ways about the structure of our web page and how I wanted it to function. I was disheartened by over achievers in an industry that wanted to charge a few body organs in replace of a website. Glue Digital came to the rescue and serviced our every need! Each time a proof came through for approval if I said no, it was no hassle for Adam to go away work on it and bring it back for approval. Nothing has been too big or to small. Late night enquiries and me pulling my hair out have all been rectified and ironed out within hour if not minutes at times. I seriously could not recommend the perfection to customer service and satisfaction and higher. Highly recommended and has brilliant ideas and concepts to help any business perform.

– Jay Harris, Evoke Supplements.