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The Web Design Process

Web development companies have different processes for getting from ‘initial consultation’ to the end product of having a fully functional website. In truth, there is no right or wrong way but at Glue Digital we have a tried and tested process that we follow and have done for many years.

1. Understand your Business

Glue Digital is not about getting you a website. We want to create for you an online presence that captures visitors, converts them into customers and therefore makes doing business online easier for you. To do that we need to understand your business, we need to look at your requirements, help identify solutions and even suggest ways to improve what you are currently doing online.

2. Determine Requirements and Expectations

At the end of the project we need to ensure that what we deliver to you is exactly what you need and what you were expecting. We do this by gathering your requirements and getting a good, clear understanding of your expectations. We have a questionnaire that we follow to help you to realize what you need and what you want, and to help us understand the quality and style of outcome that you are after.

3. Develop a Draft Design

Once we know what you need and also what you expect, the first real stage in the actual development of your web presence is to create a draft design. Our graphic designers take all your requirements and compile it into what we call a “Mock Up”. This is not intended to be a final design but rather a place to start building from. That design is amended as many times as required until it meets your expectations and the quality that you require.

4. Website Development

Once the design is finalised and you are happy with the end result, our development team then takes that design and begins converting it into a fully functional website. It is no longer just a static image but will begin to become a closer representation of the end product of a website that you can begin to navigate through and see how it works.

5. Functionality

At this stage we are ready to start adding the specific functionality to your site. If your project has required aspects like an online store, a catalogue, a client photo or even a mailing list, it is during this stage that we begin to add those components to your website.

6. Tested and Deployed

Once we have completed the coding, the functionality and you have reviewed the site, we then fully test the site on our server to ensure it is 100% functional. When approved and ready we then transfer the site across to your live environment, provide you the necessary training and the credentials to log in and manage aspects all by yourself.

7. Maintenance

It is not enough just to leave your website online but we need to continually be maintaining it, upgrading the content management system and of course assisting you in making changes to your website to keep it current. Glue Digital remains available through the life of your website, to assist you and your team in doing this.